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Rock Island - MilanSchool District #41

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Flexible Seating in Schools

Over the last couple of years, parents may have noticed some unique furniture in their child’s classroom. That’s because more teachers are going towards the flexible seating approach.

A flexible seating classroom is where traditional seating charts are replaced with seating arrangements that allow the students to sit where they choose. Spaces are created based on the needs of the classroom - whether students need to collaborate with each other, need a place to create or need a place to be on their own with a book or worksheet.

All of the schools in the Rock Island - Milan School District #41 have flexible seating in their schools. In some classrooms, you can find bean bags, standing desks, exercise balls, couches, stools, a variety of options for students to find a comfy spot to do work and learn. 

The conventional desk and chairs haven’t gone away completely, they’re still in the classrooms for the students who simply want to sit at a regular desk. Each teacher utilizes flexible seating in different ways based on the needs of their students. 

There are many benefits to flexible seating. One of its principal objectives is to reduce the number/duration of sedentary periods of time, which is good for the student's overall health. It also helps with the student's social and emotional growth. The majority of the curriculum in the district’s classrooms requires group or team collaboration so flexible seating makes that easier to do.  

Flexible Seating also accomplished the school district's priorities to increase student achievement, build respectful relationships, and improve operations. Thanks to the help of some grants, there will be even more flexible seating this school year. 

Flexible Seating at Eugene Field
Flexible seating at Eugene Field Elementary.
Flexible Seating at Thomas Jefferson
Flexible seating at Thomas Jefferson Elementary.
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