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A Washington Jr. High School Update

2:45 p.m. 

After an investigation, it was determined that there was no gas leak. The fumes that were detected were the result of the normal gas release from an outside system, and that because of the weather, some of the fumes stayed close to the ground instead of dissipating into the air as usual.

At the time the fumes were detected, it was determined that the best course of action to keep students and staff safe was to evacuate the building and investigate the source of the fumes. As it is now known that there is no risk to staff or students, the school will resume tomorrow as usual. 

Washington Jr. High Principal Kristin Allen would like to thank all Washington families, students and staff for their patience today while they worked through the issue.

Washington Jr. High will be dismissing their students at 11:00 a.m today. Students can be picked up at Denkmann Elementary School (4101 22nd Ave, Rock Island). Parents will need to show an ID. Metrolink is at Denkmann and will provide transportation for students who ride the bus. If a student normally walks home, they can do so if they have a way to get inside their home, if not they can stay at Denkmann until their ride arrives. Another robocall will be sent out to parents. After school orchestra and band have been canceled. 
10:23 a.m. 
MidAmerican Energy is still working on the issue. Students are safe at Denkmann Elementary. If parents would like to pick up their students at Denkmann they may do so. Be prepared to show an ID. We will send out another update in 30 minutes.
11/21/19 9:29 a.m. 
Attention Washington Jr. High School Parents:
There has been a possible gas leak reported and MidAmerican Energy advised that the school be evacuated. Students are being evacuated to Denkmann Elementary. We will send out another robo-call update with current information in the next 30 minutes. Please know that your students are safe and being evacuated to Denkmann Elementary. 
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