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Rocky Riveters' "I Support the Girls" Donation Drive a Success

Their goal was to collect 1,000 items to donate.

Once the Rocky Riveters started to organize and box up all the donations it was clear that not only did they meet their goal they succeeded it. 

The Rocky Riveters (a female empowerment group) hosted an "I Support the Girls" donation drive. 

They were able to collect 1,003 bras and 22,818 feminine products! The Riveters gave Edison, Washington, and Thurgood Marshall 4,500 feminine products each and the high school's Resource Room received more than 9,000. 

The Riveters are using some of the club's money to buy additional totes that way each of the girl's bathrooms will have a drawer system for storage. 

Thurgood Marshall received more than 300 bras and the Rocky Resource Room was given 700.

EL Teacher and Rocky Resource Room Coordinator, Jessica Matherly says these two items are always in constant need, “Anyone that has bought feminine hygiene products knows they are expensive, non-reusable, and needed every month. If our girls did not have access to these valuable supplies they would miss out on educational opportunities because they cannot afford a necessary item," said Matherly. "Period Poverty is a real thing. If you are struggling to afford food and clothing you will most certainly struggle to afford these. Also, those that are on public assistance cannot purchase these products with the Link Card. Our kids are one of the most valuable resources we have and supporting them produces benefits that touch every aspect of our community,” said Matherly.

The Riveters are overwhelmed by the support from the Rocky community and want to thank everyone for their support!


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