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From students to teachers; new education internship course offered at Rocky

On Tuesdays and Fridays, you can find an extra student in Ms. Tobin’s first-grade class. But she isn’t one of Ms. Tobin’s students, she’s not even in first grade. Michelle Anglese is a student at Rock Island High school and was placed at Thomas Jefferson Elementary as part of the high school’s new Education Internship course.

The course places high school students who are interested in the education field throughout the district in a range of classrooms from Kindergarten through High School underclassmen courses, English Language, and Special Education.

"I am glad I have such a kind and understanding placement teacher, who has been guiding me while teaching the first graders,” said Michelle.

Education interns will learn the foundations of education as well as gain hands-on experience. Interns will work directly with district educators to observe and carry out a variety of classroom tasks and activities, including assisting students with classwork, teaching small groups, and leading classroom discussions.

And for teachers it’s been a special experience to see students who they once taught, learning to be teachers. Ms. Tobin taught Michelle when she was in first grade.

Mr. Caroll also taught his intern Ben Samuelson when he was in Jr. High. Ben helps out his math class at Edison Jr. High.

"My cooperating teacher has done a fantastic job of guiding me through the process and showing me what teaching really is all about,” said Ben.

Valerie Holland doesn’t need to leave the high school for her internship. She is placed in Ms. Johnson’s freshmen AVID class.

The new course is providing a unique, first-hand experience for students while producing the next generation of teachers!

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Michelle Anglese helping students in Ms. Tobin's Class.




Ben Samuelson in Mr. Carroll's math class.




Valeri Holland in Ms. Johnson's AVID class.


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