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Rock Island - MilanSchool District #41

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RIMSD#41 School & Parent of the Month January Winners

The district's F.A.C.E (Family and Community Engagement) has started a new initiative to recognize parents/guardians and a RIMSD school who are making a positive impact in our school district and community. 
Parent/Guardian of the Month
Schools can nominate a parent/guarding who goes above and beyond to support the needs of children, our school, and/or our community. The winner receives a gift card, a bunt cake, and a sign that can display outside their residence. 
Miranda Jackson
Miranda Jackson

Miranda Jackson - Denkmann Elementary School, nominated by Patrick Versluis and Angie Paprocki

Miranda comes in often to volunteer in her daughter's classroom and helps us out during the lunch session for 1st grade. She does a great job engaging with the students and she has built a positive relationship with the students and the staff during this time. Recently she also brought in a bunch of hats and mittens and donated them to all the students here at the school. Miranda helps and volunteers in our classroom. She has helped on field trips and in our lunchroom. She has donated hats, gloves, scarves, clothing to our classroom and school. She is a take-charge and ready to step in as a parent! She does a great job working with my classroom kiddos!


Charissa Sargent

Charissa Sargent

Charissa Sargent - Edison Jr. High, nominated by Mrs. Idowu

Mrs. Sargent is delightful, she does a phenomenal job advocating for her child and supporting the educational team. Mrs. Sargent truly cares about the well-being of her child, and how she can help him at home and in the school setting. Mrs. Sargent asks great thought-provoking questions that challenge herself, her child, and the educational team to do our best. As an educator, it is a pleasure to serve Mrs. Sargent and her child. Thank you for simply being an amazing mom.


Cassie Gress

Cassie Gress - Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, nominated by April DeGroot and Brooke Bennett 

I am nominating Casandra because she is very passionate about her child's education. She continues to drive Rylan to be his best and understands what he is capable of. She also helps every Tuesday to fill my folders and that is such a blessing. I wish I had more active parents like her! Cassie is one of our Tuesday regulars that stuff our communication folders for her students' classroom. She is always here and we don't tell her thank you enough!


School of the Month
The District F.A.C.E team selects the school of the month based on the work of the building F.A.C.E team as a collaborative unit, building leader support to the overall building F.A.C.E goals, the intentionality of implementing events that include a variety of different process conditions, and the consistency of F.A.C.E events and operations at each site.
The winning school receives breakfast and flags to display outside their school building.
Thurgood Marshall Staff
The RIMSD District F.A.C.E team is excited to announce that Thurgood Marshall Learning Center (TMLC) is the F.A.C.E School of the Month for January 2023! Thurgood Marshall has worked extremely hard this year to ensure alignment with the district's family engagement model. While Thurgood has many unique and existing partnerships, the team still worked to cultivate an environment where the school was living and breathing the same family and community engagement values as all schools in the district, while still considering the needs of Thurgood families. In addition, it is evident that the building leader is working side by side with Family Engagement Team Members/BLT to progress the work of building collaborative relationships with families and the community forward.  To date, TMLC has hosted multiple Family and Community Engagement activities and is on track to meeting the expectation of hosting 1 event per month. 
Way to go Thurgood Marshall!  
TMLC staff member receiving a bundt cake from admin staff