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Rocky Students Earn Seal of Biliteracy

Last school year (2022-2023), RIMSD #41 implemented the Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy and the Commendation toward Biliteracy for students who attain proficiency in English and another language.
Already the district has seen several students obtain that Seal of Biliteracy or the Commendations towards Biliteracy.
What does this mean? The Illinois Seal of Biliteracy (SoBL) recognizes high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in English and in one or more other world languages. This recognition is designated on a student's transcript and high school diploma. Students will have a medal with the Illinois SoBL on it to wear during the commencement ceremony. It also is a definite statement of accomplishment to future employers, colleges, and universities. 
Per Illinois State statute, colleges and public universities are required to award course credit to a student who has received a State Seal of Biliteracy. 
In order to earn the Seal of Biliteracy students must exhibit proficiency in both English and a world language via assessments. Students have to receive a high composite score that includes listening, reading, writing, and speaking. 
Congratulations to the following students:
Seal of Biliteracy
israa al janabi
  • Israa Al Janabi -Arabic
joshua galeana
  • Joshua Galeana -Spanish
asa mahn
  • Asa Mahn -Spanish
dinye ntiruvakure
  • Dinye Ntiruvakure -Kinyarwanda
presley behrens
  • Presley Behrens - Spanish
shalom moore
  • Shalom Moore - German
asia stern
  • Asia Stern -Spanish
Ashley vazquez-chavarria
  • Ashley Vazquez-Chavarria - Spanish
elijah voorhis
  • Elijah Voorhis - Spanish
These students were honored for their accomplishments at Rock Island High School's Culture Fest and the Board of Education Meeting on May 28th, 2024.
The district's English Language (EL) program in collaboration with the RIHS World Language and English Departments aim to develop students into biliterate adults who can actively contribute to our global world. The Seal of Biliteracy and Commendation toward Biliteracy affirm our commitment to these goals. These awards encourage all students to study other languages. Additionally, these awards increase employment and earning opportunities through the formal recognition of language and biliteracy skills. The district pays for all costs associated with the program thanks to a grant received from the Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation.
For more information or to inquire more about this program, click here.
dr. williams, debra frantz, shalom moore, asa mahn, israa al janabi, dr. ruggerberg
Students were recognized at the Board of Education Meeting on May 28, 2024. From left to right, incoming Superintendent, Dr. Williams, Debra Frantz - EL Program Director, Shalom Moore, Asa Mahn, Israa Al Janabi, Dr. Ruggeberg - Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.