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Walk for Water Inspires Students to Adopt A Drop

 After completing the water unit in AP Environmental Science (APES) this last semester, three students,Victoria Bradley, Gabby Hoeper, and Kaiya Goodman, learned just how lucky they were to have access to clean drinking water.
The students read an article titled "A Walk For Water" about a young girl who walked hours for water that was dirty and extremely hard to get to.
The students decided to go outside and try to walk with water on their head, or back, to see how far they could make it without dropping the water. They did not get very far and it was very difficult. 
Victoria, Gabby and Kaiya decided to spearheaded a fundraising project for the Adopt-A-Drop project---a clean water project for a Peruvian Amazon community. Over the course of 6 days they raised $368. That amount will provide clean water for 1 year for a community in the Peruvian Amazon.
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