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Rock Island - MilanSchool District #41

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Million Father March at the Rock Island Academy

Rock Island Academy Dads and several members of the community came out to the school's Million Father March on Tuesday, Sept. 18 to high-five students and give them inspirational messages and encouragement to learn and have a great day in school. 
Rock Island Academy paraprofessional Amber Grant coordinated the event, reached out to volunteers and came up with the short program in the gymnasium that morning. "This is our 4th year for the event and we hope to build on it each year," said Grant. "It's important to recognize all the fathers and male mentors who play a huge role in the lives of our students."
Rock island academy
Students get all the high-fives they want on Tuesday, Sept. 18. 
Rock Island High School Football Players
Rock Island ROCKS football team members spend the morning at the Academy!
rock island academy
Teachers get high-fives too! 
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