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Rock Island - MilanSchool District #41

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Earl Hanson Elementary » Behavior Expectation

Behavior Expectation

Classroom Use good manners and be kind to others. Be postive and helpful. Accept consequences Keep your area clean (desks). Be prepared for class (homework). Listen and follow all directions. Stay on task. Observe other’s personal space. Use supplies correctly.
Hallways and Stairs S.H.O.W. Line ~~ Silent, Hands by side/back. One after another. Walk. S.H.O.W. Line ~~ Go straight to your destination. S.H.O.W. Line
Bathroom Respect others privacy. Flush toilets.
Pick up paper towels.
Get in and out of the bathroom quickly.
Wash and dry hands. Keep hands, feet and objects to self.
Lunchroom Use an inside voice. Use good manners. Know your lunch number.
Pick up after yourself.
Stay in your assigned area. Sit on lunch benches.
Use quiet voices at all times. Use equipment properly. Use good manners. Pick up equipment. Walk. Push in all chairs.
Playground Use proper language and self control at all times. Share equipment and space. Respect the playground supervisions.] Be aware of other people. Follow directions and instructions of all playground staff.
Line up on time.
Play in a safe manner. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
Field Trips
Sit quietly and show others respect. Show appreciation to the presenter. Follow directions
Participate when appropriate.
Stay with your group. Use bady basics and stay within assigned area.