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About Me

As the Director of Information Technology, I must be a creative and dynamic leader, as I am charged with developing and implementing a strategic vision in all areas of technology for the district, including a cybersecurity framework implementation and security awareness initiatives. Additionally, I facilitate the integration of digital tools and best practices into curriculum and administrative systems. Both a big picture thinker and a hands-on implementer, I engage with administrators, educators and support personnel, parents and students to extend responsible, secure, and creative use of technology. 

Additionally, I must be a strategic thinker with strong communication, organization, and interpersonal skills, and maintain the enthusiasm and credibility to create and sustain instructional momentum in the appropriate use of technology in the district’s curriculum and instruction. 

In this role, I oversee the district’s technology department, guide, support, mentor, monitor and evaluate technology team members to ensure that each of them serves as a strong leader and create an environment of shared knowledge and purpose among the technology team. I must clearly define the mission of the technology department to ensure all members are unified toward a common goal. 

Lastly, I work directly with educational and other school administrators to ensure that the technology program and services meets the educational, as well as communication needs of the schools and programs. Additionally, I work with other district-level administrators such as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Communications to ensure that their technology systems and needs are being addressed and supported. Finally, I have the opportunity to serve on the Superintendent’s Leadership Team.
My Leadership Quote
"Winning every battle, does not define the Warrior. Winning every race, does not define the Champion. Learning from your wins and losses, building upon them, sharing this knowledge to help others grow, does define the Leader!" 

My Cybersecurity Awareness Quote:
"You don't have to become a victim of a threat to become aware of a threat!"

My Knowledge Quote:
"You can never learn enough, and continuing to learn is the only way to prove it!"