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Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan 
Section 2001(i) of the ARP Act requires an LEA that receives ARP ESSER funds to develop and make publicly available on the LEA’s website, within 30 days after receiving its allocation, a plan for the safe return to in person instruction and continuity of services. Prior to making the plan publicly available, the LEA must seek public comment on the plan and take such comments into consideration when developing the plan. The LEA must also create an ESSER use of Funds Plan within 90 days of receiving their ESSER Funds. This plan should also be made publicly available on the LEA’s website and submitted to ISBE. See below for assurances that the LEA must include in the plan’s full explanations.
Safe Return to In-person and Continuity of Services Plan
Board Presentation

Public Comment
• Board of Education Meeting--July 27, 2021
• Community Forum--July 28, 2021
• District Leadership Team
o Monthly Updates

District Comment Form

Use of Funds
Within in 90 days of receipt of the funds, the district must submit a use of funds plan. The Use of ARP-ESSER III Funds plan must include and detail the following:
1. The use of ARP-ESSER III Funds to implement prevention and mitigation strategies that are, to the greatest extent practicable, in line with the most recent CDC guidance, in order to continuously and safely operate schools for in-person learning
2. The use/set of reserves under section 2001(e)(1) of the ARP Act (totaling not less than 20 percent of the LEA’s total allocation of ARP ESSER funds) to address the academic impact of lost instructional time through the implementation of evidence-based interventions.
The ARP Executive Summary located below included the district's plan to use the funds.
Grant Periodic Reporting
The purpose of the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) is to increase accountability and transparency in the use of grant funds while reducing the administrative burden on both state agencies and grantees. The law provides for the development of a coordinated, non-redundant process to establish effective and efficient oversight of the selection and monitoring of grant recipients, ensuring quality programs; limiting fraud, waste, and abuse; and defining the purpose, scope, applicability, and responsibilities in the life cycle of a grant. (Illinois State Board of Education, 2021)

• December 30, 2021
• June 30, 2022