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July 2019
To:Edison Jr. High Office Staff
From: A big fan at Edison!
SHOUT: They are doing an awesome job this summer! Rolling with the punches, getting the job done, being fearless! It is appreciated!
June 2019
To: Technology Team - Special Shout to Jeff Hoskins
From: A really big Fan at the Admin Center!
SHOUT: Awesome dashboard for the new district phone extensions! Made the tedious task of finding numbers SUPER simple! Thank you!
May 2019
To: Julie Hudnall, Rock Island Center for Math & Science
From: Steve Inman, Rock Island Center for Math & Science
Why did you give this person a SHOUT OUT?: Julie Hudnall prepares an amazing field day each year for our students and this year was no exception. The students had a black on the turf at the high school participating in track and field events, and even though mother nature had other plans, it was still a great morning. Julie consistently goes above and beyond her duties as a physical education teacher, and RICMS is truly lucky to have her. Thanks Julie for all of your hard work in prepping and preparing for our awesome field day!
To: Ramona Dixon (Admin Center), Tia Edwards (Principal Rock Island Academy) and Krystal Trice (RIA Parent Liaison)
From: A BIG FAN!
SHOUT: THANK YOU For Sponsoring and planning an awesome Mother Daughter Tea at Rock Island Academy. The event was well attended, well received by guests, families and included community partners! 
To: Theresa Nevener, Rock Island High School 
From: Barb Kwiatkowski, Rock Island High School
SHOUT: Tari picked up the slack while I was re-cooperating from an injury. She kept the dean's complex running like an well oiled machine and did so with her "happy heart!
April 2019 
To: Stephanie Davis, Rock Island High School 
From: Several BIG FANS in Algebra I Class! 
Mrs. Davis is constantly putting in her individual energy and time into her students making sure they succeed, which helps her students feel loved! :)
To: Stephanie Regur, Earl Hanson Elementary 
From: A BIG FAN at Earl Hanson! 
Stephanie has really stepped it up this year! She has done so much additional work because her partner is out with a new baby. Stephanie really gets things done. It has been a pleasure to work with her this Spring!
To: RIMSD #41 Administration Center
From: Megan Wilson, Board of Education member 
SHOUT: I want to give a shout out to all of the people at the administration center for welcoming me into the district! I am excited to work with everyone for the next 4 years! Let's ROCK!
To: Dori Podoba, Longfellow Liberal Arts
From: A BIG FAN at Longfellow! 
Dori made sure that ALL 3rd-6th graders at Longfellow felt special during PARCC Testing by purchasing and organizing daily "treats" for partner classrooms to give to students taking the test! The KIDS loved getting the extra love, and looked forward to seeing what they would get each day. Thanks for helping us synergize Mrs. Podoba!
To: Mary Gallardo, Administration Center Business Office
Tammy Golden, Rock Island Academy 
As a new employee, I really appreciate her patience with me, while providing detailed attendance training. Thank You Mary! 
To: Dawn Newmann & Dionne Tingley, Washington Junior High School
From: Fans at the Rock Island Academy
We want to extend a gracious thank you to Dawn & Dionne for bringing information about AVID to the Rock Island Academy. The presentation was powerful and engaging. Thank you for bringing a former RIA student who is excelling due to her involvement in AVID! 
To: Kelly Young, Rock Island High School
From: Some FANS at Rock Island High School!
SHOUT: Kelly has done a FANTASTIC job leading the Student Council this year! Great events and over $5K for the Dance Marathon!!! So AWESOME!
To: Shaya Smith and the Academic Team at RICMS! 
From: A BIG FAN!
SHOUT: Super job by the academic team for an outstanding STEAM and Science Fair evening! They came together to plan an evening full of fun hands on activities that included WIU, FIGGE, and WQPT. The event also featured some of our young scientists and their incredible projects. The staff at RICMS goes above and beyond and they simply ROCK! Thanks to Shaya Smith for being the lead on the science fair. The kids were super excited to show off the experiments!
March 2019
To: Rock Island Academy staff!
From: A BIG FAN in RIMSD! 
SHOUT: Thank you to RIA staff for helping ALL students, not just the ones in your classrooms! I appreciate your willingness to 'think outside the box' as we try to help our students meet their social and academic goals. Thank you!
February 2019
To: Dewinn Hume, RIMSD Administration Center
From: A BIG FAN in RIMSD! 
SHOUT: This is a Shout Out to Dewinn Hume. He always goes up and beyond the call of duty. Throughout all this bad weather he has been in early morning hours at the Administration Center to make sure that the snow has been removed, the sidewalks salted. He has been very limited to the sleep that he gets to make sure of our safety. Hats off and Kudos to Dewinn. Your are very much appreciated.
January 2018
To: Greg Quick, Longfellow Liberal Arts 
From: A BIG FAN at Longfellow!
SHOUT: Mr. Quick went ABOVE AND BEYOND on our snowy Monday. He went out with a snow blower and cleared the entire parking lot for teacher and staff because it had not been plowed. This is just one example of the amazing things Mr. Quick does each and every day for Longfellow.
To: Donna Bradley, Nutrition Services Rock Island High School
From: A BIG FAN in the district! 
SHOUT: Donna has been with RIMSD41 for years but resently she had been promoted to High School Kitchen Manager. She has made positive strides to improve employee moral, provide students with appealing entrees, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Thank you Donna for all you do!
To: Fallon Rodriguez, Nutrition Services Admin Center
From: A BIG FAN in the district! 
SHOUT:  Fallon goes above and beyond to develop employees, push employees to improve, and provides hands on training. Fallon has a can do attitude and leads by example.
To: Karen Grimes, Nutrition Services Admin Center 
From: A BIG FAN in the district!
SHOUT: Karen oversees all Elementary School kitchens to build relationships, on-site training, and a close ear for staff members. She has a can do attitude and leads by example.Karen pushes through whatever weather comes at her to get to all Elementary schools. Thank you Karen for all you do for RIMSD!
To: Ramona Dixon, Administration Center 
From: A BIG FAN in the district! 
SHOUT: Ramona works creatively to support principals in utilizing Title funds to support individual/district plans. She thinks outside of the box. She is always willing to teach and help navigate a complex process like budgeting.
To: Dr. Kathy Ruggeberg, Administration Center
From: A BIG FAN in the district!
SHOUT: Kathy is a person that embodies growth. She is not afraid to build relationships at all levels. She is willing to have crucial conversations with all stakeholders. She is helpful and supportive. She models high expectations for all including herself. She is an asset to RIMSD#41.
To: Berni Carmack, Longfellow Liberal Arts
From: Longfellow Teachers! 
SHOUT: Berni goes above and beyond for our school family each and every day. She is always willing to head up school events, organize free book giveaways for students, lead school wide morning meetings...really do anything and everything that needs to be done. Mrs. Carmack is a wonderful example of "Rock Island Pride, " and Longfellow is so lucky to have her.
To: Jeff Whitaker, Rock Island High School 
From: Fans @ Rocky
SHOUT: We appreciate Jeff Whitaker - he is always willing to help out with a cause and is always visible at the high school during the day and at events. He is a big fan of our high school! Thank you Mr. Whitaker! 
To: Steve Inman, Rock Island Center for Math & Science
From: Shaya Smith, Rock Island Center for Math & Science
SHOUT: Steve organized "Minute to Win it" games after school right before our winter break. It was so much fun for the staff. We were competitive but able to relax and laugh at each other! The winners received a Starbucks gift card that I am sure Steve paid for himself. Thank you for giving us a reason to smile during an otherwise stressful week and bringing us together. You are a priceless part of our team!
December 2018
To: Kris Yates, Pupil Personnel Services, RIMSD #41 Administration Center 
From: A fan at the Rock Island Academy! 
SHOUT:  Kris goes above and beyond to build relationships with students with whom he works. In addition, he supports our team with all aspects of providing interventions for students. He really cares about students and the RIA staff!
To: Steve Inman, Rock Island Center for Math & Science
From: A BIG FAN in RIMSD #41
SHOUT: Each year Steve organizes the Holiday Expo at RICMS and EVERY YEAR it gets better and better! Our school looks amazing and it brings in people from all over the Quad Cities! He does a really fantastic job and just wanted him to get recognized for it - it is a lot of work to organize! And he does it with a smile! Thank you Steve! 
To: Steve Inman, Rock Island Center for Math & Science
Steve Inman organized another amazing Holiday Shopping Expo! The number of compliments he received from people visiting our school was amazing. Every last detail was organized and thought through! People can't wait to come back next year!
To: Patricia Walls, Administration Center 
From: Joy
Always helpful and great teacher, you always have a smile on your face!!
To: Elementary School Counselors
From: A school district fan!
SHOUT: The Elementary School Counseling Monthly Update is an informative resource that benefits our RIMSD community! Kudos to its creator.
To: Karla Thies, Assistant Principal, Rock Island High School 
From: A BIG FAN at Rock Island High School
Asst. Principal Karla Thies has been out in the cold three mornings this week at Rocky's north staff parking lot protecting students and staff from speeding drivers who are cruising through the 23rd avenue student crosswalk and using the lot as a drop off zone. Thank you for working hard to promote school safety!
November 2018
To: The RIMSD #41 Technology Team!
From: A BIG FAN in the school district!
SHOUT: The technology page has tutorials and easy to find and easy to use information! Take a look >>
To: Tia Edwards, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family!
SHOUT: Mrs. Edwards, We are so very THANKFUL for all your hard work and endless help and encouragement that you give us as your staff. Our family continues to grow and change but it is always a strong family no matter what, you should be very proud of your leadership within our community and building.
To: Mary Ellis, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family!
SHOUT: Ms. Ellis, you have fit in just nicely to our family here at the Rock Island Academy, we sure hope you agree. You always do amazing things with our students during speech. You treat all the kiddo's as they are your own and we all appreciate it so very much!
To: Elise Dunn, Rock Island Academy
From: Rock Island Academy Family!
SHOUT: Ms. Elise, THANK YOU for stepping in and doing anything that you are needed for, the kids certainly love having you around! We are so very lucky to have you in our family!
To: Vickie Duling, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family!
SHOUT: Mrs. Vickie... we are so glad to have you back at home with your Rock Island Academy Family. From staff to students we are so very lucky to have a warm smile and a cheerful good morning right when we walk in the door from you!! Some of the lucky ones even get a warm good morning hug, THANK YOU for being the amazing you and always wanting the best for our students. You are fantastically wonderful!
To: Emily Boyler, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family! 
SHOUT: Emily we are so luck to have you as a part of our family here at the Rock Island Academy! We appreciate how hard you work when you step in and help in every position possible. THANK YOU for caring about our kiddo's and showing them that they matter!!!
To: Sallie Konrady, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family!
SHOUT: Miss. Sallie, Thank you so much for always taking our kiddo's and making sure things are going well in their day. When you enter the room, they always have a smile on their little faces! Thank you for caring and loving our students as we do... We are so glad you are apart of our family.
To: Amy Zero, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family! 
SHOUT: Thank you so much for always going above and beyond for our students and staff! you are truly AMAZING inside and out!! Your spirit shines in your smile and in your eyes... THANK YOU for being YOU!!!!!
October 2018 
To: Maggi Voss & Amanda Weber, Edison Junior High School 
From: A BIG FAN at Edison!
SHOUT: Both Amanda and Maggi did a wonderful job of planning and facilitating the 7th grade field trip to BlackHawk State Park. The entire 7th grade went during 2 days and had a great time despite the colder weather.
To: Melody Oswald, Rock Island High School 
From: A BIG FAN at Rocky! 
SHOUT: Mrs. Oswald goes above, beyond, and thinks "outside the box" to assist freshmen to have a smooth transition to high school. She has positive "shouts out" assemblies and encourages teachers to meet the student's needs in innovative ways.
September 2018
To: Dr. Kathy Ruggeberg, Administration Center 
From: A BIG FAN! 
SHOUT: Kathy helps out wherever she can. She is always visible in the buildings and provides feedback and offers assistance. She explains everything in detail to ensure we understand the expectations. She is really an asset to RIMSD!
To: Susana Williams, Rock Island Center for Math & Science
From: A BIG FAN!
SHOUT: Susana is the ULTIMATE employee and community volunteer! No matter if you see her in the building during the day, or at the Martin Luther King Center Family Fun Day volunteering, or at the Quad Cities Marathon volunteering with her students - Susana represents RIMSD #41 with a great big smile! Thank you Susana! YOU ROCK! 
To: Egan Colbrese and Patricia Walls at the Administration Center 
From: A BIG FAN! 
SHOUT: Patricia and Egan has helped to assemble an awesome recruitment team. She is thorough and has great and creative ideas to recruit the best for RIMSD #41!
To: Roxanna Claude, Rock Island Academy 
From: A big fan at the Rock Island Academy!
SHOUT:  Roxanna we are so grateful for you as one of our building secretaries, you are always willing to help anyone that needs help and you do it with a smile! Thank you so very much for all that you do!
To: Cory Chouinard, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family!
SHOUT: Cory has been an wonderful asset to our team for the last few years. You always give awesome Good Mornings and a fabulous smile to greet our students in the morning. Thank you for all you do for our students! You are very appreciated!
To: Jennifer Knuth and Family at Denkmann Elementary! 
From: Angie Paprocki, Denkmann Elementary
SHOUT: Jonathan Knuth student at RIHS, completed his Eagle Scout Badge by creating a beautifully though out landscaping project in front of our building. Jennifer, Ron, and Jonathan created and revamped our 7 Habits Garden!
To: Karly Burns, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family!
SHOUT: Burns!!! You are an amazing asset to our Rock Island Academy Family. You make learning fun for your students, you incorporate so many fun things that we all want to come join your class!
To: Jamie Braet, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family! 
SHOUT: WELCOME BACK HOME Braet!!!! we are so happy to have you back at the Academy where you belong! You have an amazing connection with our staff family and students! We are so happy to have you teaching under this roof again!
To: Fred Baraka, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family!
SHOUT: Mr. Baraka is always a warm smile and a very happy "Good Morning" while walking into the building in the morning. Mr. Baraka has been an asset in our building for the last 3 years, He is so wonderful with all of our kiddo's! Mr. Baraka jumps in when needed and makes life long memories with our students. THANK YOU so much for all you do!!!! We appreciate you!
To: Adam Beck, Rock Island Academy 
From: Rock Island Academy Family!
SHOUT: Mr. Beck shares his love for music with our students. Mr. Beck often places today's music into his lessons to where the students are more focused on what he is teaching. Mr. Beck has the best patience with our students especially during recorders! Mr. Beck always has a smile on his face when welcoming anyone to his classroom. You are a ROCK STAR Mr. Beck!!!! So glad you are part of this family!
To: Meagan Baker, Rock Island Academy  
From: Rock Island Academy Family!
SHOUT: Meagan WELCOME BACK, we are so glad to see your smiling face back at the Academy!!!! We appreciate all the hard work that you provide in the school. with the small group pull outs, your wonderful smiling good mornings and your role modeling leadership. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
To: Alannah Alexander, Rock Island Academy
From: Rock Island Academy Family! 
SHOUT: Alannah you are simply amazing! You give every experience, all your emotions, and all your attention to your students. You make learning fun for your classroom and are always teaching outside of the box to help the education of your students! WAY TO GO... and keep up the AMAZING work!!!!
August 2018
To: Rock Island Academy Staff! 
From: A BIG FAN! 
SHOUT: Great Job Rock Island Academy on the first few weeks of 2018 - 2019 school year, way to be a strong team and being the best of the best!!!! Keep up the amazing work and dedication to our students!
To: Vanessa Trice, Eugene Field Elementary
From: A BIG FAN!
SHOUT: Vanessa is an all-around AMAZING WOMAN! Thank you for your endless dedication and love for our children!  
To: Becky Morley, Earl Hanson Elementary 
From: A BIG FAN!
SHOUT: Becky took the time to climb a ladder many times to make a display of flags of our students in our cafeteria. It looks spectacular and truly reflects the diversity of our families at Earl Hanson. Thank you Becky!
July 2018
To: Kathy Ruggeberg, RIMSD #41 Administration 
From: A BIG FAN at Longfellow Liberal Arts!
SHOUT: Thanks for always being willing to help out! 
May 2018
To: Melanie Lloyd, RIMSD #41 Technology Department
From: A BIG FAN at the Rock Island Center for Math & Science 
SHOUT: Melanie Lloyd is the Best! She's always SO helpful and upbeat!
April 2018 
To: Fred Baraka, Rock Island Academy 
From: A BIG FAN at the Rock Island Academy 
SHOUT: Mr. Baraka helps in the hallways before school, directing them into the lunchroom or the gym. He has built relationships with many of the students who run up to greet him in the morning. He has made a difference making mornings a safer, more positive time!
March 2018
To: Andrea Parer, Rock Island High School 
From: A BIG FAN at Rock Island High School 
SHOUT: Andrea invited students to attend a week long intersession to make up missing work, and therefore improve their grade. She sent home letters to over 50 students, contacted students and organized all the work for these students.
February 2018
To: Cindy Arkebauer, Eugene Field Elementary 
From: Principal Dennis Weiss 
SHOUT: Cindy organized two very successful scrap booking events for Eugene Field. Each event had at least 100 participants involved. The money raised will be used to support the building's technology initiative.
To: Lisa Maxwell, Eugene Field Elementary 
From: Principal Dennis Weiss 
SHOUT: Mrs. Maxwell did a terrific job organizing the sixth grade wax museum. Students raised $686 for their field trip.
To: Theresa Nevener, Frances Willard Elementary 
From: Katie Westmorland
SHOUT: Ms. Teri is the heart and soul of France Willard! She is the light of the building and helps all kids and parents feel welcome and important everyday!
January 2018  
To: Principal Tia Edwards, Rock Island Academy
From: A BIG FAN!
SHOUT: During January, every EL student in our district takes the ACCESS test. This is a really big deal for our students. We want to give a Shout Out to Principal Tia Edwards for supporting the EL students at Rock Island Academy by rerouting playground traffic away from EL classrooms during test taking sessions. She is creating a culture at the Academy that values helping EL students do their best to show all the knowledge they have gained in English. Thank you, Tia! :-)
To: Cindy Newman, Denkmann Elementary
SHOUT: Miss Cindy goes above and beyond working with her LLI groups and supports the teachers as we ask her to work with kids on various activities. She is very flexible. Miss Cindy also does a great job working in the mornings to maintain a great breakfast environment for our kids!

December 2017 
To: Rock Island High School Choir
From: A Rocky alum and BIG FAN! 
I just wanted to let you know that I attended the RIHS Choir performance last night (Sunday) at South Park Presbyterian Church. The performance was absolutely fantastic and my wife and I so enjoyed it. The students were truly amazing, as was their leader. They really looked liked they enjoyed performing as much as we, the audience, enjoyed listening to them. They made feel proud to be a RIHS Grad!
To: Carl & Turtle 
From: Steve Inman @ RICMS
SHOUT: Turtle and Carl are some of the best custodians ever. Carl volunteered to go above and beyond to help out during the holiday expo. Turtle was on call when our elevator took a fritz and came in and helped out. We can't do a lot of things in our building if it weren't for them! They are two individuals who go above and beyond the duty!
To: Rock Island Center for Math & Science
From: Steve Inman @ RICMS
SHOUT: A HUGE shout out to the staff at RICMS for the amazing support they show during the annual Holiday Shopping Expo. Our building is utilized to the core - including classrooms, and teachers are amazingly supportive to let us use them. Thank you for allowing us to use your space - and a HUGE thank you to all the staff who volunteered your time & talents to make this event so huge! 
To: Jessica Matherly & Amanda Puebla, Rock Island High School 
From: Kelly Young @ Rock Island High School 
SHOUT: Jessica and Amanda deserve a SHOUT OUT for all of their hard work to ensure that the students at RIHS have their basic needs met by opening the Resource Room for students in need. The two are taking donations to help meet the dietary, hygiene, and clothing needs for students at our school. It was a great undertaking and their efforts will help many students be able to not worry so much about what they are needing and instead can focus on school!
To: Theresa Poma, Edison Jr. High School 
From: A BIG FAN at Edison! 
SHOUT: Theresa goes above and beyond to support the staff and students at Edison! We are so grateful to have her at EJHS! Thanks for all you do, Theresa! :-)

October & November 2017 
To: Michele Williams, Rock Island High School
From: A BIG FAN at Rocky!
Ms. Williams makes such a positive impact at RIHS. Whether it's assisting in our classrooms, implementing behavioral plans or connecting with students outside of Rocky's walls; Ms. Williams is always finding a way to go above and beyond. I appreciate you and all you do to help our students demonstrate success. Thanks for not letting retirement stop you!
To: Jerry Sadler, AKA Turtle! 
SHOUT: Turtle helped make sure that a handicap accessible table was ordered, delivered, and set-up for students to use. THANK YOU!
To: RIMSD #41 Technology Department 
From: A BIG FAN at Longfellow Liberal Arts! 
SHOUT: No matter when I call or who I speak with on the phone or at school, everyone has been very helpful and courteous. Your expertise is appreciated.
To: Laura Hall, RIMSD #41 Technology Department 
From: Cindy Arkebauer, Eugene Field Elementary 
SHOUT:  Laura deserves this SHOUT OUT because she came to the rescue at the recent Scrap This, Crop That Event to help out with a technology emergency, which ensured all of our scrappers had a great time at the event!! Way to save the day/event!!!
To: Edison Jr. High Staff 
From: A BIG FAN at Edison Jr. High 
SHOUT: Just a shout out to the Edison staff for doing what they do. They exemplify the commitment to every day being a new day. They set high expectations, and provide the pathways for students to achieve and exceed those expectations. Eagles Soar!
To: Damien & Zahra, Edison Jr. High
From: A BIG FAN at Edison Jr. High
SHOUT: Damien and Zahra are always smiling, helpful, and kind. We are lucky to have them as part of our Edison Family!
To: Tim Derry, RIMSD #41 Operations 
From: A BIG FAN at Edison Jr. High 
SHOUT: Tim has done an amazing job painting the hallways and rails at Edison. He has helped to make our building shine once again!

August & September 2017 
To: Melanie Lloyd, RIMSD #41 Tech Department 
From: A BIG FAN at Rock Island Academy! 
SHOUT: Melanie is amazing when it comes to needing something done! She has helped me out so many times this year so far with TeacherEase and MAP. She is very quick to respond to your emails and helping you get your needs met in a timely manner. Thank you so much for all you do!!
To: Frances Willard Kitchen - Marcela, Maddie, Shylo and Corry! 
From: A BIG FAN at Frances Willard!
SHOUT:  Marcela, Maddie, Shylo, and Corry are the BEST! These ladies offered to bring in clothes for a student and her brother that they noticed have been wearing the same clothes each day. Their smiles in the cafeteria along with the bulletin boards they have put up make the cafeteria a bright place. We are so thankful they joined the Willard team. You help make kids feel so welcome in the cafeteria! You ROCK!!
To: Greg Quick, Longfellow Liberal Arts
From A BIG FAN at Longfellow Liberal Arts!
SHOUT:  Mr. Quick went above and beyond with a K student! We are soooooo lucky to have him at Longfellow!
To: Liz Kantner, Thurgood Marshall Learning Center
From: A BIG FAN at Rock Island High School!  
SHOUT:  Liz is a genuine human being who cares about each individual who crosses her path. There is no judgement or criticism from her at any time. She is the type of person you want to see and be around all day, every day. She is a Rock through and through!
To: RIMSD #41 Staff
From: Virginia Jarrett, RIMSD #41 Family Engagement Coordinator 
SHOUT: Thanks for your participation in this years "Ready To Rock The School Year!" Those who had games and give-a-ways were a real success. Rita Jett was a true "Rock" and handled the entertainment and crowd well. The Booster Club did great job with making sure we were all fed and cooled off. Thanks to the team members on the committee, especially Holly and Dave. You all make my job easy! Make this year "Rock" with success! Virginia
To: Tim Derry, Gary Eastman & Ray Padilla, RIMSD #41 Operations 
A BIG FAN at the Administration Center!
SHOUT: These three awesome guys moved my entire office from one area to another in less than an hour. Gary organized, planned and mapped out everything, Tim dismantled the furniture, moved my file cabinets and put it all back together and Ray came in to save the day with furniture movers and did some heavy lifting too. And - as always - all three did it with a smile. Thank you to these rock stars!
To: Laura Hall and Jeremy Conaway, RIMSD #41 Tech Department 
From: A BIG FAN from Thurgood Marshall Learning Center
SHOUT: Thank you for promptly responding to calls to get the technology running at Thurgood Marshall. Students and staff were able to operate smoothly for the first day of this school year. Students were able to log into the Chromes and complete assessments in PLATO and Career Cruising. Way to go!! Any way you can! Succeed!