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Rock Island - MilanSchool District #41

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Shout OUTS! 2020-21

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September 2020
To: Kelley Wenthe in IT
From: Mary Beth Harvey, RN, BA, MS
SHOUT: Kelley has helped me numerous times over the past few years, with various issues with my computer and phone (yesterday) and always maintains a calm, cool demeanor and a great sense of humor! She never makes you feel less than for not knowing the answer, or if you have to ask her a second time and I really appreciate that so much. Thank you Kelley!
To: Cindy Arkebauer
From: Patricia Walls
SHOUT: Cindy has worked diligently to make sure our new teachers (to the Rock Island-Milan School District) have what they need to be successful. From hosting meetings in parking lots to constantly advocating for the best resources and tools, she's dedicated to her role as a Lead Mentor. Thanks Cindy for all that you do! You rock.
To: Amanda Krahl
From: Patricia Walls
SHOUT: Amanda has worked diligently to make sure our mentors have what they need to be successful. From finding to creating great tools and resources to be shared (in an effort to make everyone's life easier), she's dedicated to her role as a Lead Mentor. Thanks Amanda for all that you do! You rock.
To: Amber Grant
From: Patricia Walls
SHOUT: Amber, you're the best. You wear so many hats in this district, it's hard to just discuss one. Whether it's the way you support our kiddos in the classroom to your great efforts as a district recruiter, you are appreciated! Thanks Amber.
To: Stephanie Sanders
From: Patricia Walls
SHOUT: I can truly say you made me a better teacher. You taught me how important it was to believe in the potential of every child. Thank you for taking the time to teach me this. You're a shining star. An Academy's All-Star!
To: Michelle Lillis
From: Chris Allison
SHOUT: Michelle has done an exceptional job keeping all coaches informed about the CDC guidelines. She attends meetings regularly with other AD’s and IHSA. She schedules zoom meetings to keep all coaches aware of new guidelines. Michelle is a passionate, hardworking, and great leader! Thanks Michelle for all your hard work! We appreciate your leadership!
To: Melanie Lloyd, Kelly Wenthe, Mary Gallardo, Jeremy Conway, Troy Bevans, Jeanetta Harvey, Nan Wright, Wendy Verdugo
From: Tammy Golden
SHOUT: SHOUT OUT to these individuals for ALWAYS lending a helping hand - Friendly Directions. As a fairly new employee, these individuals really made a difference as I learned the processes here at RIA as a secretary. Really Appreciate their efforts assisting me along the way. THANK YOU!
To: Tom Ryan
From: Korah Winn Romkey
SHOUT: Mr. Ryan has been working hard to help our school be a great environment that supports kids through all the difficulties of remote learning. He's been a big blessing.
August 2020
To: Washington Junior High Team!
From: A fan! 
SHOUT: The team did an awesome job presenting to parents on what to expect with Remote Learning! Way to go! I'm happy to have my children be Warriors!
To: Darla Jones
From: O'nita Watkins
SHOUT: For going above and beyond to help ANY staff person in our building on setting up, running, and being successful with google classroom, GoGuardian, and all things technology. Thank you soooo much!!!
To: Martha Edwards
From: Jillian Morrison
SHOUT: Martha has been 100% there for me as I become acclimated as a teacher new to RIMSD. She is totally awesome as a mentor!
To: Alice Lee
From: Steven Inman
SHOUT: Even when her world has been crazy - Alice is still a very devoted teacher. She has continued to send building-wide Leader In Me lessons as well as weekly attendance questions relating to the 7 Habits. We are truly lucky to have Alice as one of our coaches for our Lighthouse team. Thank you for all you do, Alice! You're very much appreciated!
To: RICMS Staff
From: Mary Beth Harvey, RN, BA, MS
SHOUT: The staff is truly amazing and the camaraderie among the teachers is wonderful. They truly value each and every staff member; from the custodians, to the cafeteria, to the paras, etc. Thank you!!!