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Staff » Shout OUTS! 2021-22

Shout OUTS! 2021-22

GIVE A SHOUT! Take a few minutes, fill out the form and make someones day! 
To: Michael Shivers - RICMS
From: Brin Arnold
SHOUT: Mr. Shivers was a sub-custodian in our building for the first month of the school year at least. He always had a smile on his face, was willing to complete any task asked of him, was very knowledgeable about how to help, and was a great role model for our students. Congrats on your full-time job in the district, you have definitely earned it and will do a terrific job!
To: Dawn Mlekush- RIHS
From: Tari Nevener
SHOUT: Dawn has come down and helped me crank out ID pictures while the other secretary in the Dean's complex has been gone! She's taking time out of her work (and she has plenty!) to help me get these ID's done! Can't thank you enough Dawn! You've been a huge help!
To: Leigh Bowman - Administration Center
From: Kathy Ruggeberg
SHOUT: Leigh goes above and beyond each and every day. She is a tremendous resource across the district and is always professional and respectful when educators reach out for advice, guidance, support, or feedback. Thank you Leigh. YOU ROCK!
To: Jessica Bollman - Denkmann
From: Chris Beierlein
SHOUT: Way to "Rock" your new role as 5th Grade Teacher at Denkmann and 5th Grade LEAD Teacher!! Thanks for your hard work!
To: Deborah Noble - Rock Island Academy
From: Mary Mendelin
SHOUT: Deborah donated 14 new, high-interest, diverse books to the Rock Island High School Library. Students are already asking to check them out. A huge thank you to Deborah for helping the Rocky Library encourage reading and diverse literature!
To: Dr. Lawrence - Rock Island Academy
From: Julie Mosher
SHOUT: Prompt & forceful response to the racist bus driver. Thank you for supporting the boys' soccer team with a strong rebuke to the driver's racist actions. We should all be allowed to celebrate our diversity with pride and joy. Keep us moving forward - Not One Step Back!
To: Roxanna Claude - Admin Center
From: Patrick Versluis 
SHOUT: Roxanna has been more than amazing through this registration process. She has supported me as a building principal trying to figure things out in Skyward and I know she has been supporting everyone else throughout the district with the same needs. She has always been there for me and I really just can't thank her enough! Not once did she every seem too busy to help me even though I felt guilty calling her knowing she was extremely busy!
To: Brad Broemmer - Edison Junior High
From: Appreciative Edison Eagle
SHOUT: Brad worked tirelessly the night of Open House to help prepare the school for hundreds of visitors and also support teachers returning to the building and preparing their rooms. Thank you, Brad!
To: Brenda Hansen and Lorie Carlson - Thomas Jefferson
From: Amy Marshall
SHOUT: Thank you, thank you for painting my library this summer! I really appreciate it. It looks so fresh and clean, just in time to have students back.
To: Brooke Bennett - Thomas Jefferson
From: Amy Marshall
SHOUT: The rapid release of Chromebooks during the pandemic made tracking them very difficult. Brooke took it upon herself to step up and try to organize and track them. It made the end of the year Chromebook return a smoother process. Thank you so much Brooke for stepping up whenever needed!
To: Brianna Skorvonski - Thomas Jefferson
From: April DeGroot
SHOUT: Brianna helped me put together my chrome chart, which was very time-consuming and really stressing me out! Not only did she help me put it together, but it is also amazingly organized. I will forever be grateful because that is something that would of taken me forever to do on my own. THANK YOU!
To: Dee Bush - Earl Hanson
From: Dee Anderson
SHOUT: Dee spent a lot of her own time writing a PRIME grant for "cultural exposure through reading a variety of multicultural literature" for every section of the library. She researched data-based resources to quote about the benefits of having these types of books in a PK - 6 school and found $3,000-worth of appropriate books.
To: Michael Shivers - RICMS
From: Dee Anderson
SHOUT: As a guest custodian at RICMS, Michael is doing a great job. The principal commended him in one of her morning messages and I have found him to be cheerfully helpful.