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Rock Island - MilanSchool District #41

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RIMSD#41 School of the Month Winner for December

Congratulations to Rock Island Academy for being selected as the School of the Month!
The District F.A.C.E team selects the school of the month based on the work of the building F.A.C.E team as a collaborative unit, building leader support to the overall building F.A.C.E goals, the intentionality of implementing events that include a variety of different process conditions, and the consistency of F.A.C.E events and operations at each site.
The winning school receives breakfast and flags to display outside their school building.
Rock Island Academy has always created the environment for having a very inclusive FACE team. Members have always consisted of a wide variety of stakeholders that work to ensure families have what they need. To date RIA has logged 8 FACE Events for the 22-23 school year. In reviewing the December data, the FACE team was excited to see that both the holiday program time and your signature December event (Breakfast with Santa) incorporated the sharing of building MAP data by grade level. The posting of it by the sign-in/entryway table along with a handout for parents to take about understanding MAP Growth is a huge step in the right direction as our goal is to partner with parents in a way that they can become champions for their child(s) education.
Keep up the great work RIA!
School of the Month