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Staff » Shout OUTS! 2023-24

Shout OUTS! 2023-24

To: Dionne Lohman - Administration Center
From: Megan Delp
SHOUT: Shout out to Dionne for being so instrumental and helpful for me and my students the past few weeks. Her innovation and collaboration have been invigorating and empowering, and I appreciate her support and reassurance that I am trying (successfully) to meet student needs, while working with the curriculum to help students be successful and grow their skills. She's truly a great coach and always willing to help at any time. So much appreciation for her!
To: Toni Chisholm - Thomas Jefferson
From: Linda Tobin
SHOUT: Toni Chisholm and her mother, Tina Taylor, do an OUTSTANDING job of heading up our TJ Food Pantry. They spend many hours ordering, organizing, advertising, and helping families with both fresh fruit and vegetable distributions and shopping days at the TJ Food Pantry. If families are not able to come during regular shopping hours Toni and Tina schedule individual shopping times. The entire TJ Community is thankful for their dedication to our families.
To: Venessa Taylor - Rock Island High School 
From: Edison Eagles
SHOUT: Mrs. Taylor helps out Edison every chance she gets. Whether attending events over the summer, coming to help chaperone dances, providing ideas, and encouraging students, the PBIS team can always count on her to be a visible stakeholder in the Edison community. We appreciate you helping our Eagles SOAR!
To: Emmanuel Hakizimana - Rock Island High School 
From: Amy Curtiss
SHOUT:  Mr. Emmanuel is a great example of perseverance and the value of education for his students. He has been working towards his BS in Political Science while working with students in the EL department at Rocky. He graduated with department scholar honors from WIU in December! He starts working toward his masters degree in Political Science and Public Policy this semester, CONGRATULATIONS!
To: Jeff Moritz - Rock Island High School
From: Mike Adams
SHOUT: Jeff consistently steps up to the plate when needed. As a new employee, he has helped me out numerous times by lending a hand or offering insight. Jeff, I appreciate you and hope others emulate your let's get it done spirit.
To: Linda Tobin - Thomas Jefferson
From: Crystal Aldeman 
SHOUT: Linda has been a lifesaver for Thomas Jefferson when it comes to learning mclass and getting students benchmarked. Throughout this entire quarter, she has happily and graciously offered large amounts of time outside of contract hours to support multiple teachers/staff with any questions. She has also helped staff in group meetings. I have just seen her give and give and give in this area and so I wanted to give her this little shout out as a way to say thanks! :):)
To: Jeremey Conway & Kelly Wenthe - Admin Center
From: David Sebben 
SHOUT: With these two fine IT folks, we finally got the jumbotron in the high school's new entrance working and the students and staff just love it.
To: Jamie Miner- Thomas Jefferson
From: The TJ Primary Team
SHOUT: Jamie has stepped right into her role as our school counselor at a new school and made an immediate impact. Her weekly classroom SEL lessons are of high-interest to the students and very engaging. She has also been a great support to classroom teachers in meeting regularly with students in need and communicating with the teachers so everyone is aware of how to best support the student. In addition, Jamie has taken on a leadership role in an upcoming family event and is always willing to help out in any way she can.
To: Jennifer Tacker and Dallas Anderson - Ridgewood Elementary
From: Sunshine
SHOUT: We had a new student start at Ridgewood who was previously homeschooled. At the beginning of the year, he was very uncertain about school. The parents reported that getting him here was a challenge. During a recent conversation, the parents reported his teachers have made him feel so welcome. They have worked with him to make him feel comfortable and help him to see that he CAN learn and be successful! He now enjoys coming to school. Way to go Ms. Tacker and Mrs. Anderson! :) These two are just one of the many reasons Ridgewood is an awesome place to work!
To: Earl Hanson & Frances Willard 
From: Grateful Edison Eagles
SHOUT: The Wolves and the Hawks saved the day (and the Chromebook) by donating gently used Chromebook cases to EJHS so students can keep their devices protected. A BIG "thank you" to Earl Hanson and Frances Willard staff!
To: Roz Lee - Ridgewood
From: Sunshine
SHOUT: Roz is the smiling force that is The Ridge! She can deal with disciplining a student and then make them feel like they are valued. She is always trying new things to keep our staff morale positive, so we can continue to help our kids. Thanks for all you do, Mrs. Lee! We truly love and appreciate you!
To: Gail Jefferson - Ridgewood
From: Sunshine
SHOUT: Mrs. Jefferson is our one and only Mama Jefferson! She keeps the office organized and ready for anything. When needed she becomes a nurse, a custodian, and even a therapist to get us through the day. We are so lucky to have her at The Ridge!💙
To: Ronee Honeycutt, Becky Beck, Delaney Battin, and Elizabeth Poulos - RICMS
From: Julie Hansen
SHOUT:  I had to approach these four amazing paras about making a shift to their schedule in a way that would be a bit more challenging for them. As soon as I said that it was what was best for student learning, they all agreed without hesitation! These ladies do such a great job with our students and are all wonderful to work with. We are so lucky to have them at RICMS!