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teaching and learning conference
HOT OFF THE PRESS - T & L Conference 2019   
The Teaching and Learning Department is excited to present our 2019 T&L Conference on January 7th! You will all have an excellent menu of offerings put on by your own colleagues. We have outstanding outside district presenters as well. Here are the details for the conference. (As a reminder, district in-services qualify for ISBE actual hour credit toward re-certification. District in-services do not qualify for Professional Growth credit on the salary scale.)
  1. The conference brochure >> 
    ~ Please pay attention to when and where each session is being presented. Some may be provided multiple times.
    ~ Please pay attention to the room location. A map is provided in the brochure.
    ~ Special highlights for sessions include: Health and Wellness, Building Safety, Special Education, Early Childhood, Math alignment, Physical Education, Science, Computer Coding, English Learners, Math, Music, Non-Crisis Intervention with CPI (refresher), AVID, Cultural Quotient Q&A, Literacy, Outside presenters: Dr. Bill Bintz, Christine Gradert, and Mike Carton ...and much more!
  2. Breakfast will be provided in the cafeteria from 7:15-8:00. Breakfast will include coffee, water, and light continental options.
  3. Building/Program Check-In: All educators will check-in at their identified building/program room at 8:15 a.m. You will be with your building administration for the start of the day. The initial building/program room location is listed in the front of the brochure. Make sure you sign in at your building/program room location.
    ~ We will be providing those who attend this T&L Conference with a survival kit. In this bag will be a pen, brochure, folder, and treats to assist in getting you through the day.
         + You must attend this day to receive the T&L Conference survival kit.
         + We encourage you bring paper for additional note taking space.
  4. Daily Schedule, Sign In, and Evaluations:
    ~ Please spend time in the coming week identifying what sessions you will attend so you remain focused during the opening and keynote.
         + NOTE: We have two sessions that require an advanced sign up. If you plan to attend one of these sessions, you must sign up by Wednesday, December 19th. If you are not signed up by that date, those sessions are not an option for you on January 7th.
              > Mental Health:
              > CPI Refresher: 
    ~ Please identify two topics to attend for each session, just in case the room is full when you arrive. A "Map Out Your Day" page has been provided to you at the start of the brochure to assist in planning your sessions. Please be mindful of when a session may have reached a limit for attendees. We do not have a set attendee limit for each session. Please use your judgment on room capacity.
    ~ You will have 10 minutes to transition between sessions.
    ~ You must sign in at every session.
    ~ Session Schedule:
         + You will attend 4 sessions throughout the day. (Unless you signed up ahead of time for either Mental Health of CPI.)
              > Please make sure to sign in at EVERY session you attend.
              > Please make sure you complete the correct evaluation after each session. Leave these evaluations in the session you attended.
              > NOTE where a PLC for your grade, department, or program may be occurring.
                 Not all grade levels, departments, or programs requested PLC time.
         + Session 1: 8:50-9:45
         + Session 2: 9:55 - 10:50
         + Session 3 (or lunch option 1 -- select only one lunch option): 11:00-11:55
         + Session 4 (or lunch option 2 -- select only one lunch option): 12:05 - 1:00
         + Session 5: 1:10-2:05 2:15 - 3:30: ALL will end in the RIHS Auditorium for the Wrap-Up and Celebration,
           beginning promptly at 2:15. You will be seated as a building so please look for your building location.
          Administrators will be taking attendance during this time so it is imperative you sit with your assigned
  5. Lunch will be provided in the cafeteria. The menu is: soup, build your own sandwich, salad, and water. (Soda machines are available if you would like to purchase a different drink.)
  6. Location details:
    ~ The full conference will be held at Rock Island High School: 1400 25th Avenue Rock Island, IL
    ~ Parking is available in the large parking lots both in front of or behind Rock Island High School.
    ~ Signs will direct you to the cafeteria for initial check in at each entrance.
  7. Building Temperature: We make every attempt to keep the building at a comfortable temperature. However, some areas tend to be colder than others. We recommend you bring a jacket and/or dress accordingly.
  8. Although this is a work day for only certified staff and certain secretaries, we welcome any other district employee (including subs) to attend as well. We are not able to pay you (subs or other employees not on contract for this day) to attend but welcome you to this professional learning opportunity.
  9. Restroom facilities are located on each floor.
  10. Come with a positive attitude, ready to collaborate and learn from one another!