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RIMSD #41 Benefits Open Enrollment  
RIMSD benefits open enrollment is October 1 - 31, 2018. All full-time employees should review their current coverage and employee information to ensure they have the correct information and elections for the upcoming plan year that begins on November 1, 2018.
It is necessary that ALL EMPLOYEES who are eligible for benefits actively participate in the 2018 enrollment period!
This year all enrollments and changes are being done online. You do not need to schedule a telephone meeting with an advisor. You will, however always have access to a toll-free number for assistance.
Enrollment instructions are at the bottom of the page in a PDF. If you would like to preview the coverage's and costs, you may refer to the 11-page Fast Facts document for Plan Year 2018 (also at bottom of page).
Note-if you do NOT log into make changes between October 1 and October 31, you will be re-enrolled by default into the same coverage's and categories that you are enrolled in now.
Highlights: Our benefits featured in this Annual Enrollment period include:
  • Medical Insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois
    o A $750 PPO Plan o $5,000 BluePrint PPO Plan
    o There are no changes to employee contributions for these plans for November 1, 2018
  • Dental Insurance from MetLife o Premium rates will increase slightly(7%).
    o New rates are illustrated on the Fast Facts document attached. ·Vision Insurance from MetLife.
    o Coverage and rates also included in the Fast Facts document.
    oNo change to rates, which start at $8.66/Employee Only/Month
  • Supplemental Life from MetLife
    o May be purchased in increments of $10,000 up to $500,000
    o Spouse and child benefits available
    o Details and premium rates included in attached Fast Facts document
  • Accident Insurance
    o This is an additional benefit to medical insurance for when a covered member is hurt in an accident. Rates are as low as $5.90 per Employee Only per month.
    o Click on THIS LINK for a short video describing what Accident Insurance is all about.
    o Click on THIS LINK, to learn more about accident insurance 
  • Critical Illness Insurance from MetLIfe
    o Pays you $15,000 or $30,000 (your option) if you are diagnosed with an illness such as Heart Attack, Certain Cancers, Stroke, Kidney Disease, Certain Cancers. . .
    o Cost varies per age and tobacco use, but for example, a $30,000 policy for a 38-year-old non-tobacco user would cost $2.52/Employee Only/month.
    o Click on THIS LINK to learn more about Critical Illness Insurance.
  • ·Legal Plan
    o Legal assistance for things such as wills, trusts, real estate, consumer protection, family law, traffic, juvenile matters, adoptions. . . Cost is $22.50/month 
Life Insurance from Texas While Life will not be offered during this year's open enrollment. For those employees who currently are enrolled in the While Life Insurance, you will maintain your coverage, however, we will not be adding new subscribers for the While Life Insurance until next year's (2019-2020) open enrollment.
If you have any questions, please contact Leslie Fonseca, Benefits Coordinator, at 793-5900 ext. 204 or email