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CQ Corner: Growing our Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in RIMSD #41   
At the 2019 T&L Conference, the CQ Team provided a breakout called CQ On the Move. We want to share reminders about Cultural Intelligence (CQ). Today, we highlight these areas: What is CQ? Why and how is it helpful? What is the role of the CQ Team member?
What is CQ? Why and how is it helpful?
CQ [Cultural Intelligence], is the capability and willingness to function across cultural contexts such as ethnic, generational, gender, etc. Emphasis is placed on understanding different cultures as well as problem solving and effectively adapting to various cultural settings. The goal is to be intentional in our quest to grow our CQ and to think about how growing our CQ can/will have an impact on our daily interactions with colleagues and with students.
The following are strategies for communicating and interacting in different cultural settings while focusing on 4 key areas:
  • CQ Drive: Face internal biases, connect with existing interests, scare yourself, visualize success, reward yourself, recharge your batteries, maintain control, travel
  • CQ Knowledge: Study culture up close, google smarter, improve your global awareness, go to the movies or read a novel, learn about cultural values, explore your cultural identity, study a new language, seek diverse perspectives, recruit a CQ coach
  • CQ Strategy: Notice; don't respond, think widely, focus deeply, journal, plan social interactions, manage expectations, create checklists, reframe a situation, test for accuracy, ask better questions
  • CQ Action: Develop a repertoire of social skills, take action, make taboos taboo, use basic vocabulary, try new vocal sounds, slow down, put yourself in a place of need, join a multicultural team
A great resource: The Cultural Intelligence Difference by David Livermore, Ph.D.
The CQ Team was established during 4th quarter of the 2017-2018 school year. Under the leadership of Dr. Jamyce Banks, the team has had hours of training to help them best support assigned schools. 
  • Jennifer Page Pierson (Team Lead)- Eugene Field, Frances Willard, Rock Island Academy
  • Liz Kantner- Earl Hanson and Thomas Jefferson
  • La'Shanta Williams- Rock Island Center for Math & Science, Horace Mann, Longfellow Liberal Arts
  • Jadiem Wilson- Denkman, Thurgood Marshall Learning Center and Ridgewood.
  • Charles Butler- Edison and Washington Junior High Schools
  • CJ Smith- Edison and Washington Junior High Schools, Rock Island High School.
While being led by Dr. Banks, each team member has developed/ expanded skills in many areas that our helpful to the schools they serve.
  • Jennifer Page Pierson (Team Lead)- The Leader in Me (TLIM) and Family/Community Outreach
  • Liz Kantner- Trauma Informed and ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Research
  • La'Shanta Williams- English Language (EL) Services
  • Jadiem Wilson- LEAD (Learn, Enrich, And Discover)
  • Charles Butler- Youth Programming
  • CJ Smith- AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) and The Leader in Me (TLIM)
This year's focus is evidenced change in 4 key areas: Student Performance Gaps, Instructional Practice, Family Engagement, and School Organizational Culture. Team members partner with school leaders to work on continuous growth.