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Beloved Crossing Guard Repays Students Kindness with Special Surprise

Ben Dixon has stood at the corner of 30th street and 31st avenue for the last 14 years making sure Eugene Field students get to school safely.
He's become a staple within the Eugene Field School community. 
"Every day Ben waves to all the staff and students. He knows who is at school and who isn't. If he notices someone is absent for a long period of time, then he will stop a staff car and ask questions. He is genuinely concerned about the welfare of all of us. He sends us Christmas cards and makes sure to acknowledge us on Mother's Day," said Eugene Field teacher Susan Stiles. 
And when Ben was absent from his duties, you can bet the students noticed. Ben recently became ill and had to be hospitalized. Eugene Field students missed him tremendously. To send some love, the school made get-well cards for him and they were delivered to him at the hospital. 
"He is the most compassionate man I know. So as a way of giving back to him, when he was in the hospital, all the students made get-well cards for him. He was overwhelmed with the kindness. Ben doesn't realize how much we appreciate him looking out for the kids and staff on a daily basis. He is such a blessing," said Ms. Stiles
So touched by the student's compassion, Ben wanted to repay their kindness. Once Ben was out of the hospital and feeling much better he surprised the entire school with pizza. He ordered and delivered 95 pizzas for the whole school on Valentine's Day as a thank you and to show them how much he loves all of them.
He even stayed and served each one of the students a slice to personally thank them. 
Ben talking with students
Ben chatting with some Eugene Field students
Ben posing with students to take a picture
Ben with some Eugene Field students
Ben with Eugene Field teacher Tyler Allison
Ben with Eugene Field teacher Tyler Allison
Ben serving pizza to students
Ben serving pizza to students