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RICMS Launching New Math Program

RICMS is happy to announce that starting November 20th, your child will have access to an amazing program called ST Math. John Deere has been gracious enough to sponsor RICMS - they are the only elementary school in Rock Island to use this math program. 

Miss Moffitt will be teaching ST Math as part of the new STEAM program at RICMS.  Your child will meet with her before Winter break to learn about the program, and will meet every other Friday starting in January.  ST Math can be done at home, and with regular use, there has been great growth in math scores in other districts that use this program.  

ST Math is a visual instructional program that uses puzzles to teach math and develop problem-solving skills while having fun.  Puzzles start out simple and get harder as your student progresses.  To help your student solve problems, ask them what is happening and have them explain their thinking.  

To learn more about ST Math and to play games visit:

Questions about ST Math can be directed to Miss Moffitt at [email protected]