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Augustana College Partnership

Longfellow-Augustana College Partnership
Sharing our Love of Learning as Partners in Education!

The Rock Island School District and Augustana College committed to a partnership with Longfellow Liberal Arts School in 2009-2010. Through this partnership, educators and students will work alongside the Longfellow community to continue the tradition of providing an excellent education for Longfellow students.

Longfellow students will:

  • learn to think critically and creatively;
  • become highly skilled communicators and problem solvers;
  • explore the connections between various subjects;
  • develop a deeper understanding and involvement of their community, nation and world; and
  • benefit from the Augustana students, faculty, campus and facilities as educational resources.


Longfellow teachers and staff will:

  • engage the students in the subject matter, with the students becoming historians, writers, scientists, mathematicians, etc.;
  • work with Augustana faculty to expand the understanding of learning and teaching;
  • mentor Augustana clinical students and teacher candidates; and
  • utilize the Augustana campus, departments and facilities as a learning resource and support for Longfellow students and families.


Augustana Education Department faculty and students will:

  • work with Longfellow teachers and students to expand the understanding of learning and teaching;
  • gain experience applying their skills in a “real-world” setting; and
  • continue the tradition of giving back to the community through this partnership.


Longfellow Families/Community will:

  • benefit from additional support and educational opportunities for our children;
  • benefit from increased excitement in their children for the discovery and the joy of learning with emphasis on fine arts & science; and
  • benefit from more 1:1 attention for all students.