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Rock Island - MilanSchool District #41

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Board of Education » Statement to Community

Statement to Community

Rock Island-Milan School District #41 Board of Education 
Statement to Community
In July 1967 President Lyndon Johnson appointed a12-member commission in response to urban riots and civil unrest. The commission's final report, the Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, or Kerner Report, was released on February 29, 1968, after seven months of investigation. It was a strong indictment of the history of race relations in this country, and of the current state of those relations.

More than 50 years later, the report still rings true. While much has been accomplished, much more remains to be done.
Too many of our citizens still have a knee on their neck. Racism, economic disparities, and unequal treatment place heavy burdens on African Americans and other minorities.

So, what can we do?

As members of the Board of Education of Rock Island-Milan District #41 we pledge that we will work with all District stakeholders to recognize and address systemic racism and the issues associated with it in our schools.

We will take all dimensions of equity—equality, access, proportional outcomes, and social, psychological, and institutional change—into account in our decision-making.

We will use the best resources at our disposal to have the difficult and honest discussions that are necessary so we can look at our situation in a different way and make the changes that are needed.

The work will be difficult, but it is critical We owe it to all our District stakeholders. We owe it to our community. Most of all, we owe it to our children.
Rock Island-Milan Board of Education
Terell Williams, President
Michael Matherly, Vice President
Nicole Cisne Durbin
Margie Mejia-Caraballo
Tracy Pugh
Jason Roessler
Gary Rowe